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Frequently Asked Questions 

What's the age limits for riders?

You must be 5 years of age to be a club member to participate in sanctioned club practices, local and provincial race events.

Currently we do not have any Stider memberships for kids under the age of 5, the track is a public city park open to everyone. Kids are welcome to use the track anytime outside any sanctioned club events.


There is no age restriction after that, we have club members racing in the +50 ages groups. 

How do I join the club? How much does it cost?
Yearly Club Memberships cost:
  • General Registration $125.00 per rider.

  • Family Registration $300.00 for 3 or more riders from the same family.

* Above price DOES NOT include Sask Cycling Membership fees. A Sask Cycling membership is required to join 13th Ave BMX Club.


You must also purchase a provincial racing licence to race in any district or provincial races hosted by 13th Ave BMX, Globe BMX or Diamond BMX.

A UCI racing licence is only required if you plan to race out of the province of Saskatchewan.

How to join?
  • That's easy...Click the "REGISTER NOW" button to goto our Registration page.

What do I need to hit the track?
You will need:
  • A race worthy bike.  Your street BMX bike from home or BMX race bike.  See further info on bike specifications below.

  • Long pants, motocross or BMX pants are recommended.

  • Long sleeved shirt - sleeves must reach the wrist.

  • Socks that cover ankles.

  • Gloves with fully enclosed fingers. Most riders use Moto X gloves.

  • Closed in shoes. Skate type shoes/volley’s/ etc are best with a flat sole.

  • A full face helmet.

  • A BMX licence [issued when membership fees are paid].

  • A responsible adult to accompany you if you are under 18 years of age. 

  • A “give it a go” and “have fun” attitude.

Bike Specifications:
A race worthy bike is a necessity and is a bike where:
  • The frame and forks are not cracked, broken or distorted, are the correct size and in good condition.

  • Tyres are properly inflated and have no splits or separations.

  • Chain and bearings are oiled/greased and effectively tensioned.

  • The axle does not extend more than 6mm beyond the axle nut.

  • Brakes operate effectively and lock the back wheel.

  • Pedals have effective grip.

  • Handlebars are no wider that the maximum allowable width of 735mm.

  • Mudguards, chain guards, kick-stand, pegs and reflectors are removed from the bike for the safety of yourself and other riders.

  • A properly sized BMX bike to fit the rider.

When can I ride the track? 
Club Schedule:
  • Thursday at 6:30 p.m. is our Local Club Points Races (club members and UCI licensed riders), if you are with another club indicate it when you use the "Sign In Link". You are encouraged to come out to watch and cheer on our riders as they race for point standings. Bring a friend it's a BLAST!

  • Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. is our Local Club Practice Night (open to anyone that wants to see what BMX is all about).

  • BMX season runs from mid May to mid September. 

Public Access:
  • The track is always open to the public to ride at any time.

  • We do however ask that you DO NOT RIDE ON THE TRACK IF IT IS WET!     Riding the track when it's wet will leave grooves, causing significant damage to the track and may cause it to be unsafe. Thanks in advance!

The Lingo
What the heck do all those terms mean?



A banked curve in the corners of the track.


Coming up short on a jump where the back wheel of the bike hits the peak of the landing.

Hole Shot

When a rider takes the lead position out of the starting gate and into the first turn.


The final race in a class with more than 8 riders after qualifying heats have determined the top 8 riders.


A wheelie without pedaling, a technique used over top sections of jumps and rhythm sections.

Moto Sheet

Schedule displayed at races that shows the rider race heats and lane numbers they'll race in.

Number Plates

All riders must use a race plate and numbers that reflect the last 3 digits of their UCI license if they’re a beginner. Experienced riders use plates that correspond to their highest earned ranking in the previous year.

Rhythm Section

A series of jumps or rollers on a section of the track.


A feature on the track that is rolled over rather than jumped.


Intentionally allowing other riders to pass during a race.

Staging Area

An area before the gate where the riders are organized into their motos prior to loading the gate.

Start Gate

The start gate is positioned at the top of the start hill and they can accommodate up to eight racers and are mechanically synchronized to release riders simultaneously at races. A random start gate timing cadence, audio and light system is used to start the race. In general it consists of the phrase “Ok riders, Random start. Riders ready? Watch the gate". This cadence is followed by 4 tones that coincide with the display of a light tree and the gate begins to fall on the last tone and light. It is up to the rider to push their bike forward at the moment the gate drops.

Table Top

A jump that has an angled take-off and landing but a completely level or flat 'table' across on the top

How does the points scoring work?
Points Scoring.jpg
What are the UCI Rules and Policies? 
UCI BMX Rule Book

UCI BMX Amendments 01.01.2019​

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